Turtle neck light grey

Turtle neck light grey


599.00 Dkkr. 

68 % tencel

29 % wool
3 % elastane

Our super comfortable turtleneck

Transporting moisture

Stylish, breathable bodywarmer

Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

TENCEL® is labeled as the most sustainable fiber, the textile industry can provide to sustainable production and use. 

Tencel is made of FSC certified wood quarry from European beech trees and eucalyptus trees from South Africa. The trees require nothing but rainwater and grow in natural forest areas, and the wood material for fiber production comes from natural forest depletion, and from residues from the wood industry.

The unique fiber composition of beech trees and eucalyptus makes tencel really comfortable to wear, the fabric has a good absorption capacity, which allows it to absorb moisture and quickly release it again. It's also the plus that gives the fabric a coveted bactericidal function, so we can save a wash or two in use.


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