Our lives have been centred around horses for as long as we can remember. Our mother introduced us to the sport when we were about 10 years old, and as the years went by, the horses became our livelihood. We feel very privileged to have gotten the opportunity to create equipment and wearables for the equestrian lifestyle, and we hope that our customers can feel our vision for the items.

We wish for our brand to be an extension of us. An extension of us as equestrians and as professional riders. But also an extensions of us as individuals. As the rest of the world, we share the worrying thoughts about climate change. And sustainability is a step in the right direction. Therefore, we always create thoughtful, small collections, consisting of timeless pieces for the equestrian lifestyle. No need for producing a lot, when you can fit everything into a few pieces. We would like to be a lifestyle brand, focusing on creating made-to-last comfort for horse and rider, produced under sustainable circumstances.

The goal has been to create a collection for everyone, and to produce items that will last a long time.


Christian Schou

Andreas Schou