Our lives have been centred around horses for as long as we can remember. Our mother introduced us to the sport when we were about 10 years old, and as the years went by, the horses became our livelihood. We feel very privileged to have gotten the opportunity to create equipment and wearables for the equestrian lifestyle, and we hope that our customers can feel our vision for the items. We aim to create essential and functional items in a very simple but stylish design. It should be all about comfort for both horse and rider.

Throughout the years we’ve often thought about how the different products could be optimised or refined. We’ve always had really strong opinions about how everything should be shaped and designed if it was totally up to us. So getting the opportunity to actually do that has been absolutely amazing. What we have done with A·Equipt is add our own touch to the essential products we use every day – all the products that make our job easier.

Since most of the good equipment on the market is quite expensive we’ve tried to create something of very high quality but at an affordable price. The goal has been to create a collection for everyone but at the same time exclusive and accessible.

In our sports stable Absolute Horses we’ve always appreciated a stylish and coherent look. The colour grey has been a recurring theme in our equipment for years and we wanted to retain that.


Christian Schou

Andreas Schou