We always have new ideas and designs in the developing fase. We are currently testing our new leather collection in our stable and knit items for SS19.

The developing fase consists of us creating a design and having the items in our stable for a period of time and integrating them in our daily work. The same goes for our clothing items. And then we observe how the products take to being used, washed etc. and make our adjustments if needed. It is a very important part of the developing process. 

When selecting equipment our highest priorities have always been quality and functionality. It’s been crucial for us to give our horses the best conditions in order for them to perform at their best. The horses can’t tell us if something doesn’t fit, or if they would like anything to be different. It’s our responsibility to make sure that everything in their environment is as good as possible and that of course includes their equipment. That also means that every single item in our new collection has been tested in our stable so that we’ve been able to make corrections if needed. When it comes to the clothes both of us have worn the men’s collection while riding, whereas Jannike has tested the womenswear. It’s been essential to us to pay close attention to functionality and fabrics and it’s been a huge challenge to convert our ideas and demands into products that work exactly the way we want them to. But it is essential to us to give each item meaning and that is a fundamental part of our developing process. We do not wish to create fleeting fashion - but long lasting pieces.